Project Details

Using a Coupled Numerical Modeling System to Investigate Flooding Impacts During Hurricane Florence (2018)

Sponsor: United States Geological Survey

United States Geological Survey


North Carolina State University: Joseph B. Zambon, Ruoying He

United States Geological Survey: John Warner

Funding Period

February 2020 - March 2022


We will continue OOMG's work on coastal circulation dynamics using both models and observations by investigating the impacts of Hurricane Florence’s devastating landfall in North and South Carolina in 2018.  By including a hydrological model, WRF-Hydro, we hope to better predict coastal and inland flooding through including the atmosphere-hydrology cycle in the ocean-atmosphere-wave coupled system that is needed to accurately resolve landfalling hurricanes.  We will leverage our existing assets at the NCSU High-Performance Computing center and through cloud-based solutions (Amazon Web Services), to develop comprehensive simulations linking the coastal environment to inland hydrological cycles, both of which were severely impacted by Hurricane Florence.


Work is in progress.