SABGOM model image

Marine Environment in the South Atlantic Bight and Gulf of Mexico (SABGOM)

The South Atlantic Bight – Gulf of Mexico (SABGOM) model is a three-dimensional marine environment nowcast and forecast model developed by the Ocean Observing and Modeling Group. This system provides predictions of ocean circulation, wave, and atmosphere conditions over the South Atlantic Bight and Gulf of Mexico on a daily basis. The model domain covers the U.S. east coast from New Jersey southward, including the South Atlantic Bight, Gulf of Mexico, northwest corner of the Caribbean Sea, and western edge of the Sargasso Sea.
Maps of model-generated regional dynamics are organized into four sections:

  • Marine Weather, with variables of wind speed at 10 m above sea surface, air temperature at 2 m above sea surface, and sea-level air pressure;
  • Ocean Waves, showing significant wave height and direction;
  • Ocean Circulation, with variables of ocean temperature, salinity, and currents that can be displayed at specific depths.
  • Marine Ecosystem, with variables of chlorophyll, phytoplankton, and zooplankton.

Details of the model and its verification can be found in Xue, Z., J. Zambon, Z. Yao, Y. Liu, and R. He (2015) An integrated ocean circulation, wave, atmosphere, and marine ecosystem prediction system for the South Atlantic Bight and Gulf of Mexico, Journal of Operational Oceanography, doi:10.1080/1755876X.2015.1014667. [PDF]

We have upgraded SABGOM with a more advanced coupled marine environment modeling system. Please refer to CNAPS for more information.